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Entry #1

Just Joined NG

2008-04-20 19:44:53 by xMiggyx

I just got FL 6.0, and am starting to use it so will come out with a bunch of random stuff enjoy


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2008-04-20 20:33:25

welcome to NG
don't worry about Betty
he is a fuckwit and a half
best to place hime on your ban list
if you know any good games for pc please tell me
just go to my post
well enjoy your stay here and thank you for flying with NG :D

xMiggyx responds:

thanks man, i like to play DotA for WC3, its always fun, please check out my song, ill be coming out with more thanks for the welcome!


2008-04-20 21:38:54

you're hot


2008-09-20 12:49:45

please teach me how to fruity loop